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Department of Botany  actively involved in the mega exhibition,  the students kept 30 exhibits, the dept bagged first place in overall performance in science exhibition. The list of Exhibits are


                    WORLD DIFFERENTLY –ABLED DAY (03-12-12)

      A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit, recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities." William Arthur Ward.

          Disability is the Inability to see Ability". 
           Today is World Differently-abled Day.

                   On the eve of the World Differently –Abled day  on 3rd December-2011, the Dept of Botany conducted an educational awareness program near Ramavarapadu ring. As a rally students moved on the roads educating the people on different aspects pertaining to physically challenged  their difficulties and the available means through which they could overcome them . 
        "If there was any disability then it was only the bad attitude"  many opportunities and ways are broadened today for  differently abled people only thing is that they need to move towards them.

According to the recent global survey, one in every four women experience domestic violence, abuse or discrimination and the figure doubles in case of disabled women. Call it emotional insecurity or economical backwardness or dependency or helplessness or a combination of all, disabled women are invariably becoming more prone to sexual abuse and discrimination at home or at work and are worst hit in terms of physical violence, say psychologists. They say that most of their issues remain unheard due to lack of legal awareness and clarity on their rights other than suffering from isolation and the fear factor.

Who are differently abled  persons?

As per the provisions of the Persons with Disability (PWD) Act 1995 it means:-

1.      Blindness
2.      Low vision
3.      Leprosy cured
4.      Hearing impairment
5.      Locomotor disability
6.      Mental retardation and
7.      Mental illness

Disabled people do not have much access to the outside world, says founder of Global Aid Saipadma who provides training for the differently-abled people on mobility, accessibility, employ ability and sustainability. “It is sad to note that these people get into a lot of negative thinking. If they divert this energy to something productive, it would help them in the long run. Above all, they should be treated with empathy than sympathy and should be allowed to open up, mingle with others and get an access to informal gatherings. They should be able to build their own friends’ circle than just contacts,” she says.