Thursday, July 26, 2012




               One day field trip was organized by the Dept. of Botany on 25/7/2012. The third students attended the field trip to the farm house of Mr.D. Madusudan rao at Tenneru  About 260 medicinal plants are being grown in his farm. Organic farming and square foot gardening is practiced to grow vegetables in the farm house.
             Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes,biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved..."

Field trip to Tenneru headed by Mrs. Dr. T. Rose Mary

Sunday, July 22, 2012

MENDEL'S DAY- 20-07-2012


                                MENDEL’S DAY

           On the eve of birth anniversary of Mendel the Dept of Botany arranged a guest lecture on the 'Contribution of Mendel towards Genetics' on 20th July 2012.
students interacting with Dr. Kalyan 
          The guest lecture was delivered by  Dr. C. Kalyan professor in pinnamineni medical college, in which he explained the laws of Mendel and how the  innovative concepts developed based on his work, he also explained various discoveries in genetics and their implementations and their role in the fields of medicine, molecular biology and bio-technology.

     Mendel undertook several breeding experiments with peas and thus he deduced the general rules of inheritance. His work was purely phenomenological, as he didn't understand how the characteristics were being passed down from generation to generation, but his works (when rediscovered) were a good start, as he was among the first biologists to use mathematical methods in his experiments.

           He interacted with the students and he clarified the doubts raised by students in various diseases. Dr.B. Siva Kumari ,H.O.D of Botany welcomed the gathering and the session ended with the vote of thanks from    Mr. P. Srinivas rao.
                                    Staff and students of life sciences took an active part during the lecture.  
Dr. B. Siva Kumari  presenting a memento to Dr. Kalyan


                                      LAB TO SCHOOL PROGRAMME.

                      The Department of Botany organized a  school to lab programme on 19-07-2012 in Z.P.H School at Edupugallu to bring awareness among the students about the environment  and health.The staff and students of the 9th and 10class participated in this programme.

                   Dr. B.Siva Kumari Head Dept of Botany and Mr. P. Srinivasa rao  presented to students the world of past and present especially the  drastic changes that took place in the nature, its effects and remedies.

Mr. P, Srinivasa rao   delivered a guest lecture on save nature

                  Mr. K. Bala Chandra HOD of Microbiology 
 Dept increased the knowledge of contagious diseases  like cholera, typhoid, Rabies..... so on and so forth with the help of power point presentations.

                        The final B.Sc students performed a skit to explain the importance of nature and how to protect the nature.

                     As a part of this programme dept organized a blood 
grouping for the school children and also distributed saplings.

The Botany Dept also organized an essay writing competition on Environment and its protection. 150 students participated and expressed their creative views on nature and suggestions to save nature.. The prize winners of essay writing competition are  

First prize-         Ms. M. Lavanya 10th D/S
Second prize-    Mr. P. Prasad 10th B/S
Third prize-       Ms. Ayesha- 9th D/S

                       There was good response from the staff and students of  school.

Monday, July 2, 2012



 The Department of Botany arranged  a guest lecture on 'RECENT TRENDS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY' on 30-06-12 .   the guest lecture delivered by  Dr. D. V. N. Sudheer Pamidimarri  Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Dongguk UniversitySeoulSouth Korea.

Dr. Sudhher, guest speaker

   Dr Sudheer explained the research opportunities after post graduation and also stressed the importance of premier universities and  their role in research. He concluded his speech by his words of encouragement to students pertaining to their academics. Dr. B. Siva Kumari proposed the vote of thanks.
          Dr. B. Siva Kumari, H.O.D of botany presenting a memento to Dr. Sudheer