Welcome to ALC Botany

Welcome to the Botany Department of Andhra Loyola College, a leading centre of teaching and research in plant sciences. Our interests range over the areas of plant systematics, plant community ecology, and environment and sustainability.

We study plants because they are of vital importance; as the source of all our food, the oxygen we breathe and most of the medicines we use. They are central to the processes of global climate change and to the provision of food and energy for an expanding human population. In the face of such change their conservation is increasingly vital.

The Department of Botany was established in the year 1953, it is one of the unique Departments since the inception of the College with its well established Labs, Inter-disciplinary Research Lab, Botanical Garden, Herbal Garden, well organized Herbarium and recently added Green House. 

The Department is well organized with an aim to provide a green lung for the inhabitants of Vijayawada – the commercial city of Andhra Pradesh. Gradually, it became a dynamic and vibrant Department, focusing on conservation of plant biodiversity. Over the years, it made significant contributions in the field of ex situ and in situ conservation. With strengthening of scientific manpower and laboratory facilities, it expanded into areas of research.

The Department is blessed with 6 Lecturers’ which include 4 Doctorates & 2 M. Phil. ALBA is engaged in the student centered activities like Industrial tours, field visits, Seminars and Workshops etc

The Department offers the following courses.

B.Sc (Botany, Zoology & Chemistry)

The Department also offers General Electives titled  "Herbal Medicine"

The Department also offers  four Subject & skill based Electives in the final year titled

Medicinal Botany 
Molecular Biology
Applied Microbiology

We are equipped with one of the biggest laboratories in Coastal Andhra Pradesh

Our innovative projects:

  1. Cultivation of ornamental plants
  2. Survey of medicinal plants
  3. Flora of Andhra Loyola College
  4. Virtual herbarium
  5. Training programmes in Horticulture
  6. Lab to Society/ Colleges/ Schools
  7. Environmental Awareness  programmes in collaboration with APPCB, APGWD & APHD
  8. Plantation
  9. Water conservation methods


  1. s.sarat,az-06,

  2. Its a great honor to part of the botany department...

  3. Pramod DB-14
    It is great privilage to being a part of the department of botany.
    I have learned alot in the field of botany throgh department of botany