The need to conserve resources like water, coal and petroleum was emphasized by speakers at a seminar on “Conservation of Natural Resources” by the Andhra Loyola College Department of Botany and Microbiology here on Monday.
Explaining about the over exploitation of natural resources the role youth can play in conserving them was detailed by college principal Fr.G.A.P. Kishore. Vice-prinicipal Fr.S. Raju said that population explosion was one of the main cause for the over exploitation of natural resources.
Groundwater Department Deputy Director A. Varaprasada Rao in his keynote address said the youth who benefit from the message of water conservation should take up the responsibility of spreading the message.
Giving some startling facts he said that 45 litres of water is wasted if a tap is left running while a person brushes teeth. Similarly 48 litres was wasted if water was left running while shaving and a startling amount of 18 litres was wasted while a person washed hands, he said. All this water could be saved by using a mug while performing these chores he said.
In the afternoon students presented papers on Conservation of Natural Resources. Botany Department Head B. Siva Kumari said that 34 papers were received from students. While 24 of the students gave power point presentation ten gave oral presentations.
While a majority of the presentations were on “Need to conserve Natural Resources”, the remaining presentations were on “Policies made by the Government in the Governance of Water Resources” and “Community Work on conservation of Natural Resources.”
Third BA student Kamalakar won the first prize for his presentation on Need to conserve natural resources, Third B.Sc student Leela Prasad won the second prize for presentation on Community work and First B.Sc student Sravanthi won the third prize for her presentation on Policies made by the Government in Governance of Water Resources.