Tuesday, September 11, 2012


                  SLOGAN WRITING ON ENVIRONMENT- 11-09-2012

The Department of Botany  organized a Slogan Writing Competition in association with the A.P. Pollution Control Board on 11th September 2012, on the topic ‘SAVE NATURE’ to impart Environmental Awareness for all the Departments of Andhra Loyola College.

In this programme 150 students participated and involved enthusiastically. The program went on well and excellent slogans have been given by the students very identically.

Here are some Environment slogans and Sayings for a wide variety of environmental issues and topics.

  1. Each and Every one of us can make a difference to help save the environment.
  2. We all can learn to reduce, reuse and recycle so Earth’s resources are not depleted, pollution doesn't trash the planet, and harmful CO2 isn't let out in the air causing Global Warming.
  3. We need to love and cherish Mother Nature; after all we only have one planet.
  4. One tree can make a million matches. One match can destroy a million trees
  5. Each one teach one how to plant one .

Dr. T. Sri Kumar judged the slogans.

Ist prize-   K. Priyanka

IInd prize- M. Prameela

IIIrd prize- N. Karthik  

On the day of Seminar the slogans were displayed

These Slogans writing competitions prizes were distributed by the Dr. A. Ravi Kumar, Professor, Siddhartha Medical College. He has delivered his speech on the topic ‘Environmental Awareness’ he explained the causes and remedies of the Pollution.

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