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        Dear Students,
                               Download your Elective and Cluster Syllabus from the Blog 

                     B. Sc -BOTANY SYLLABUS SEMESTER- VI (ELECTIVE-2)  
                       PAPER – VII (B) (Optional) Theory Paper VII(B)-T:

                                          Nursery,   Gardening and Floriculture.

Total hours of teaching 60hrs @ 3hrs per week

Unit I: Nursery:                          (12 hrs.)                                                                                                                                         
1.       Definition, objectives, scope and building up of infrastructure for nursery.
2.       Planning and seasonal activities - Planting - direct seeding and transplants.
3.       Nursery Management and Routine Garden Operations.

Unit II:  Gardening                        (12 hrs.)                                                                                                                                         
1.       Definition, objectives and scope - different types of gardening.
2.       Components of Gardening: soil laying, manuring, watering. 
3.       Landscape and home gardening - parks and its components, plant materials and design.
4.       Landscaping Places of Public Importance: Landscaping highways and Educational Institutions
5.       Computer applications in landscaping.
6.        Some Famous gardens of India- brief account
Unit III: Propagation methods                                                                   (12 hrs.)
1.       Vegetative Methods:
             a) Layering, Grafting.
             b) Cutting: selection of cutting, propagule collecting season
             c) Propagation of ornamental plants by rhizomes, corms, tubers, bulbs and bulbils,  
                treatment of cutting, rooting medium and planting of cuttings Hardening
       2. Sexual Method:  Sowing/raising of seeds and seedlings, transplanting of seedlings.
       3. Green house:
             a) Definition, objectives, Basic infrastructure (outlines)
             b)  Types- mist chamber, shed net, shade house and glass house for propagation.
Unit IV- Floriculture
1.       Ornamental Plants:
a)  Flowering annuals-  herbaceous plants
b) Flowering Perennials- Divine vines; Shade and ornamental trees.

2.       Ornamental bulbous and foliage plants; Cacti and succulents.
3.       Ornamentals-palms.

4.       Indoor cultivation:
a)  Indoor gardening- cultivation of plants in pots;
b) Kitchen garden, hanging baskets, terrarium(brief account only)
5.       Bonsai: Introduction, objectives and Basic requirements
Unit V: Commercial Floriculture                                                                                    (12 hrs.)

1.       Cut Flowers:
a)  Factors affecting flower production; Production and packaging of cu flowers;

              b) Flower arrangements; Methods to prolong vase life of flowers

2.     Cultivation of Important cut flowers (Carnation, Aster, Dahlia, Gerbera, Anthuriams, Gladiolous, Marigold, Rose, Lilium) brief account onl

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